Friday, November 19, 2021

Hiking Day Musings

In my favorite post-hike hangout, a coffee shop. Unedited series of vignettes.

Hiking Day Musings


A young man in a black hoodie is taking down the artwork

In the coffee shop. 

They’re stacked and off he goes,

Converse sneakers and frayed blue jeans.

Blank walls are now staring at me

Pockmarked with the hangers that were left behind.


One slice of apple pie

In a to go container

So it can be savored,

Bite by bite

As slowly or quickly

As I want to eat it.

Bringing it back to my airbnb

Where there’s a refrigerator

In case

I decide

I need to enjoy it tomorrow


The coffee is in a paper cup

So it would stay hot

While I ate my fritatta, checked my email, 

And finally decided to go to the counter

And buy that slice of pie.


Bald guy in a white polo shirt,

On the phone,

Sunglasses perched on top of his head,

Laptop open

He was here working when I came in

And it looks like

He will be working when I leave.

I like his office.


Post hike fatigue

The adrenaline has gone

My body is tired,

My legs want to stretch.

I look at pictures on my phone

And smile

Laugh a little inside

At what a glorious day this has been

One of many.

Loving life.

Loving freedom

Loving my health

Loving exploring,

Meeting people on the trail,

Then settling by myself

To collect my thoughts

And process the beauty 

Of my life.

Feel a little entitled

But mostly I feel like

I am reaping what I sowed.

A content and fulfilling life

That I was earned

Sometimes the hard way.

Post hike reflections

As meaningful 

As the hike itself.


Hustle with a diamond hoodie,

Facial scruff,

And a ball cap,

Drinking coffee,

While his buddy eats a brownie,

And sips from a plastic cup,

Some kind of cold drink,

Topped with whipped cream.

Laptop versus tablet,

Study in contrasts,

Buddies all the same.


Trying to upload videos with the photos

A slow process

I suppose I could upload them separately

But what would be the fun of that?

I like it when uploading 

Is as challenging

As the hike.

Testing the limits of the WiFi.

Is easier than 

Testing the limits of my knees and calves.

@Prescott, AZ. Thank you, Wild Iris Coffehouse, for the yummy frittata.