Thursday, November 11, 2021

She was something

Thanks to Rich for the writing prompt: Grandma Agnes. My grandma;s name wasn;t Agens but the prompt got me writing. I've tried writing about Grandma Rosie a few times. This might be the best I've come up with.

Grandma was sturdy.

She was a survivor.

She was a provider.

She was a sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandma, and more.

A rose, with occasional thorns.

Those petals weren’t delicate

They never seemed to fall.

But oh so soft to the touch.

I look in the mirror and see her ears. 

I speak and hear her voice

I listen and feel her spirit

Urging me on.

Grandma had that look

She had that tone

She had that way

Of loving even when she disapproved.

Grandma had been in banking

Head teller and we could see

She knew how to count and save

And considered every coin to be important no matter how small.

She would tsk and oy and make us sigh

“Isn’t that something” she would say.

And yes, she was,


Unique. Loving. Critical. Supportive.

She was definitely something.