Friday, November 26, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

I drove, cycled, and hiked on Thanksgiving. And saw families, couples, and solo’ers like me.

Thanksgiving orphans,

Trying to avoid the families,

And well meaning people saying,

Happy Thanksgiving,

Happy Turkey Day.

And references to family, feast, and over eating.

No leftovers here.

Just another day,

Except couldn’t eat out,

And couldn’t last minute shop.

Tomorrow is called Black Friday..

For a Thanksgiving Orphan,

Today was Blaclk Thursday.

Why do people assume that everyone has a family,

A home.

That everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, 

By binging on food, family, and maybe football.

For some, 

Thanksgiving is one more holiday not celebrated,

One more holiday that reminds you,

You’re alone.

One more reminder that you’re the odd person out,

One more reminder that you don’t fit the social norm.

Thanksgiving orphans,


Mostly happy to be that way,

But a bit overwhelmed,

A bit embattled,

And a bit content.

Thankful for what they have,

Thankful for what they dream,

Thankful for so many things.

Counting their blessings,

Counting the minutes,

Until the holiday ends,

Families split apart once again,

And life returns to normal.