Monday, December 6, 2021

Death Valley in December

Death Valley In December

Death Valley in December.

Sleeping in my car under a canopy of stars.

Jet black sky lit by the sparkling.

A meteor drops across the sky,

Tail following and fading.

Death Valley days in December

Bright blue sky provides a backdrop,

For sand dunes, winding roads,

Rocky mountains, salt flats and parched earth 

From below sea level to over 10,000 feet.

December in Death Valley

The cold morning morphs into

Bright warm sun filled days.

Which end with 

Clear cold moon and star lit nights.

Something moves within me

As I drive, walk, sit, and revel

In the enormity of the landscape.

And test my limits 

Hiking on narrow paths

Of rock, sand, and scrub,

That climb and twist, 

Bringing me full circle,

Valley to peak

Peak to valley.

My sighs mix with the afternoon wind.

My heart sings to the sky.

I am home.