Thursday, March 10, 2022

March snow

Thoughts on watching a storm blow in and out. 


The rain turned to sleet and then snow

Coating the balcony railing.

A wet half inch of white

That probably won’t grow

No more flakes falling.

The coating might last until morning

If the sun remains hidden,

And there is enough humidity in the air.

The sun is scheduled to set soon.

Humidity is doubtful here.

Dryness creeps in

As soon as it can.

And stays long enough

To keep the word drought 

In the headlines.

The northeast is once again bracing

For a major storm

While I enjoy 

Looking at the coating of snow,

A white sky

Backlit to highlight the outline of clouds.

And the promise of

Sun and warmer weather


I lament my dry skin

And limp hair,

As I hear the heat kick on,

Blowing dry air from above me,

And I wonder, 

“Do heater humidifiers ever help?”

I miss moisture,

I miss wet snow that stays for days,

I miss winter that lasts until spring.

So I look out the window

And enjoy the thin coating of snow

While it lasts.