Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Writing Prompt, 3/16/2022

Prompt: As she waited in the dark, she heard the deep groan of a plane flying low overhead. Her work was done and now all she could do was wait.

[you could use these prompts together or separately.]


She waited,

In the dark,

And heard the deep groan of a plane,

Flying low overhead.

She wondered who was onboard,

Where they were going,

Was it a crop duster on the way home,

Was it a privately owned propjet,

Was it a teaching plane,

Like the ones her nephew flew,

Before he earned his license,

And was old enough to 

Rent a plane? 

The groan faded,

She looked out the window.

Stars, a sliver of the moon,

But no trace of the plane,

Continuing on its journey,

While she waited,

In the dark,

For morning to come.


Her work was done and all she could do was 

Wait and see 

if the time and energy 

She invested over the years

Would be worth it.