Friday, April 1, 2022

For Goodness' Sake

For goodness sake

Writing an F Poem,

Not an effing poem,

A poem with a title that begins with the letter F.

For goodness sake,

Came to mind,

Not a phrase I hear very often

I see it in books,

For fuck’s sake seem to be its replacement.

The F bomb is no longer explosive.

It's used as an adjective, adverb, 

And sometimes as a verb or noun,

As in the original meaning.

I suppose 

It’s related to goodness

Depending on your relationship status

And current outlook on life.

For goodness sake,

This poem certainly meandered

Are you surprised or annoyed?

How interesting that one phrase

Can have two meanings

That don't necessarily jive.

Well, goodness me,

Words certainly are a blessing,

Aren't they.