Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Life is made up of small things

 April 13, 2022

A scientific (or is it unscientific) observation:
Life shouldn’t be lived under a microscope.

Life is made up of small things.
Specks of dust
join together to make a thin layer of white on a dark wood table.
Drops of pollen
form a yellow coating on the hood of a car.
Steps become a journey.
Decisions lead to more decisions.
Small lies lead to bigger lies.
One small quirk of the lips can become a conversation,
a lifetime of happiness.
Life is made up of small things,
And the realization that small things,
maybe aren’t as small as they appear to be
at the time we first notice their existence.

Atoms, cells, physical beings,
Human, animal, plant.
Small things become bigger things,
Become bigger, more complex things,
Ad infinitum.