Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Some Things I Write

April 8, 2022

Some things I write
are too personal
to share.

Some things I write
reveal more of me
than I would like people to see.

Some things I write
Confirm what I need to confirm.
question what I need to question.
Affirm who I am at this moment.
Provide a means to clear my mind,
Vent, cry, laugh.

Some things I write
are written
just for me.

Some things I write
I will never read.

Some things I write
I later turn into a song.
And every time I sing it
a piece of my heart
heals and rejoices.

Some things I write
Come out fully formed.
It’s like the the words were waiting
For the right time and place
To escape from my head
Fully constructed,
No editing necessary.

Some things I write,
I share,
And sometimes someone says,
Me, too.
That always feels good,
like I’m not alone,
like that’s a reason to write.
But not the only reason.

Some things
I write,
Some things
write me.