Thursday, July 7, 2022

Crying Thoughts

Two poems about crying

#1 June 30, 2022, Canyonlands
I cried on my hike today,
for the beauty that overwhelmed me
for how lucky I am to be able to be here
for all the people who will never experience this first-hand.
If these rocks could speak
If these trees and bushes and cactus and grass and dirt
could tell us what they’ve seen,
what they’ve endured,
If they could explain the past
and how we got to the present,
If they could predict the future.
If they could exist forever.

#2 July 7, 2022
Sometimes I cry when I’m happy
Sometimes I cry when I’m sad
I don’t apologize for it anymore.
Overheard while walking around the courthouse. A young woman sitting on a bench with an older woman who could have been her grandmother or her great-grandmother or a co-worker or a friend.