Sunday, July 10, 2022

Racing Heart

 Do not be still, my heart.

My Heart

The doctor is monitoring my heart.

I try not to think about the patch

  on my chest,

But I can’t forget to bring the phone with me


It needs to be near enough

  to receive the signal.

I begin to wonder,

Have I imagined a random, racing heart,

and random chest pains?

Part of me hopes so.

But it’s good to know for sure.

I’m glad there’s a way to see

  if there’s something going on.

I’m of that age

when you need to be aware,

when doctors pay attention to every word you say,

  and order tests

  they might not consider if you were younger.

And that is why I have

an orange phone in my pocket,

Recording signals

from the patch above my heart.

At home there’s a box,

a booklet of instructions, 

extra patches,

and a charger 

  with an orange cord for the phone

  and a black cord for the sensor.

I also have a UPS envelope to send everything back in four weeks.

Besides the physical items,

I have hope

  that all is well

  and this will be four weeks of monitoring

nothing abnormal.