Sunday, August 14, 2022

Personal Religion - a Suite, #1

I seem to be working on a series of songs and poems related to my religious beliefs. I suppose I'll get to the skeptical and cynical thoughts at some point.

#1 -- not finished yet, but close, I think.
I worship the trees, I worship the breeze,

I worship the moon and stars.

I worship the wind, I worship snow and rain,

I worship [being?] outside.

I sing to the clouds, I sing with the streams

I sing to the canyons, mountains, and plains.

I sing to myself, i sing to whoever is listening,

I sing because I can.

I listen to sermons, I listen to prayers,

I listen to white noise and silence.

I listen to learn, I listen to escape,

I listen to my heart.

I see, touch, taste, hear, feel, 

I no longer can smell.

I thank the earth, I thank the air,

I thank music for entering my soul.

I thank the people who have guided me,

I thank the people I would rather not follow.

I thank places I’ve been and the roads in between,

I thank.

I worship. 

I sing. 

I listen.

I am