Saturday, August 20, 2022

Saturday Music Observations

Saturday music

Listening to live music and thinking

I could do this,

just as well, maybe better.

“I could be you, you could be me,”

she just sang.

I was once told that my lyrics 

were too straight forward and trite,

not enough imagery and metaphor.

Compared to what I’m listening to,

my lyrics were interesting and had a hook.

But, that’s okay.

It’s good to experience live music,

see what’s out there.

Maybe learn a few tricks,

maybe get some inspiration.

Not everything I hear will hit me 

the way I want or need it to.

But it’s music.

It's a person sitting on a stool,

with a shiny black acoustic guitar,

singing originals,

telling the stories behind them.

Exposing her soul.

And i respect that,

whether I relate to the songs or not.

So I stay through the end of the set,

support a local independent business,

support a local musician,

support the community,

support the craft.