Monday, September 12, 2022

It's their anniversary

Based on my parents

It's their anniversary

But she's not there

He eats his lunch

Looking at her chair

It's only a few years she's been gone

Compared to when they were together

it feels like 

time has slowed down.

It's their anniversary

The kids call to check in

They task how he's doing 

Talk about weather and things

He's not doing much

Each call is short

He says the rain has stopped

It's their anniversary 

This would have been 72 years

The fourth one without her

It's gotten a little easier

He can't remember a lot of things

But he remembers her voice

How she could stop time for him

With her smile.

It's their anniversary 

The album is in a drawer

But he doesn''t need photos

To picture the day

The blessings and vows

Stepping on the glass

Her hair, her dress,

Their first dance

It's their anniversary

Her cane sits near door

He used it for a while

He doesn't use it anymore

Like her he moved on 

to needing a walker

Next step is a wheelchair

And then he'll find her.

It's their anniversary

But she's not there