Saturday, October 1, 2022

A Happy One

I've been trying to write a happy song so I brought my laptop to a bakery that had live music today. Instead of a song I wrote this poem, And then i started writing a song, but that is for another post.

"So, I'll sing you a happy one."

Playing his Guild guitar,

Tip basket is looking pretty full

for this early in the show.

Must be from the family and friends

gathered at the front, 

two tables pushed together,

sandwiches and chip bags 

amid the water and coffee cups.

Billy Joel covers on guitar are always interesting.

Especially when sung by a clean cut kid with

a silky sweet voice.


It's hard to hear the grit in the words.

A couple of John Hartford songs.

One well known, one not.

Gentle on my mind,

Good choice for his voice

and the audience.

I'm mellowing,

Marshmallow that I am,

can't stay cynical very long


Life is too short.

As I typed that 

the sun broke through the clouds again.

Even the weather is happy

right now.

Give it a few minutes.

That could change.