Sunday, October 30, 2022

Another song about change

 Another song looking for music, or is is a poem?

When I was a kid I wanted to be Perry Mason,

Defend the innocent, trick the guilty into confessiing.

I'm not sure why he was my hero,

Maybe because he always won.

In high school I shifted my focus,

Billie Jean and Joan became my heroes.

They showed me another world,

and another person I could become.

I just heard another song about change

"Going through some changes", the guy sang

Who isn't, I thought,

If you don't change you become complacent

And will always wonder what you could have been.

Change seems to be my middle name,

every few years the job or place.

Except for the eighteen years raising kids,

even with our ups and downs, I got restless..

Some lament that change wasn't what they wanted 

Others celebrate how they've grown

Some play the guitar and sing a song about change

I listen, wondering when it will be my turn.

I've been called a gypsy, been called a quitter,

Been called more names than I can remember.

So here's to another song about change,

About dreams chased and caught,

About hopes dashed, new opportunities rising,

About change, my lifetime constant.