Monday, October 10, 2022

Lost Words and Conversations

Lost Words and conversations

He doesn't say much on the phone,

Didn't say much when I lived at home.

Didn't use many words but when he did

I knew I should listen,

  but I was stubborn,

  so I didn't.

Now I think,

I should have listened better,

I should have noticed more than the lack of words,

I should have tried harder to understand,

I should have told him that when he didn't say enough,

  It hurt,

I should have admitted that I wasn't sure

  what I needed him to say,

  I just needed more than what he gave.

Now we sit in companionable silence.

There's something sweet

  about being in the same room,

And not feeling the need to clutter our space

  with words,

Spoken or not.