Saturday, January 28, 2023


Poem #2 on the theme of listening. This one is about beliefs and the conflict between believing and listening.


Believe in something, 


  They say when you're young..

So you do.

And then they say,

  How could you think that?
But you told me to believe

  in something

  and stick to my guns.

Now you criticize my beliefs

  and someone else criticizes yours.

I try to keep my mouth shut,

  while inside I am stunned, hurt,

  disappointed, crushed.

On the outside,

  I grit my teeth

  and watch as

  your defense of your beliefs gets louder.

The negativity builds,

I have choices,

Continue to believe in

  the things that fit my personality and ethical code.

Waiver and switch so I

  don't make waves,

  avoid negative fallout.

Fight back,

  with words or physically.

Keep on believing 

  and keep quiet about it.

Keep on believing

  and quietly speak my truths.

Keep on believing

  and occasionally shout my thoughts

  not worrying about who listens

  or what they think

  or what they will do in response.

The point is

  we are taught to

  and we want to

Believe in something

  and have the confidence

  to hold onto that belief.

It's a double edged sword.

If I stick with my beliefs

  and you stick with yours

  and we never agree

Where are we?
What happens next?