Thursday, January 26, 2023

What Writing - Hair

Trying to write this one without using the word "I". Not sure I can do it.

What Writing - set two - day two


Morning hair, hat hair, windblown hair, wet hair.

Curls, brown, gray, white, red highlights.

No comb, no brush,

Fingers, leave in conditioner, and done.

The rest is left to nature and chance.

Individual hairs fall lightly to the floor,

hang onto clothes,

White against the black fleece vest.

Brown on the purple jacket.

Invisible in the rug.

Soft, so soft to the touch.

Thin, so thin.

It used to be thick. 

Long, then short.

Now it's to the shoulders.

Too thin for a pony tail or braids.

Long enough to get wet with sweat.

Short enough to not get too tangled.

It moves with the slightest wisp of air.

Bounces with gait.

Hair with personality, so they say.

Unruly, unpredictable, quirky.

Changes color in the light.

A small bald spot in the back,

Nothing like a man's bald spot,

but it's a bald spot nonetheless.

It bothers her.

So does the scalp visible at the center part. 

She tries a side part to let hair grow back.

It doesn't work.

Somehow, after a shower, her hair falls

back into a center part.

Hair that has a mind of its own,

like its owner.

Headstrong, even if it does randomly fall out.

Nothing rigid about the hair cut or the hair style.

The part isn't ramrod straight.

Sometimes there's a tightly coiled curl that falls

on her forehead.

Once there was girl who had a curl in the middle of her forehead

When she was good she was very very good

And when she was bad she was horrid.

The childhood refrain

chanted by her mother,

by other kids.

About her hair,

which was not at all horrible

no matter how unruly it was.