Friday, February 17, 2023

Happy Anniversary

 Usually when I write it is about more than just me. This one is 100% about me. Interesting that I chose to write it in second person though. Hm.

Today is February 17.

  The date triggers my brain.

Ah, yes, you were married on February 17th,

this is your anniversary.

It was a happy day,


Picture book weather.

You woke up in the bridal suite.

  so much space for just one person.

Went for a morning run,

  saw your fiance as he returned from his short run.
  laughed and waved.

Your mother and a friend helped you

  put on the white dress

  navigate your way to the

  reception room.

During photos grandma collapsed.

Your boss called for an ambulance.

Medics came, 

They didn't seem overly worried as they put her on the stretcher

  to bring her to the hospital.

She was coherent,

Gramps stayed, the ceremony went on

  as planned.

Such a fun party,

Dancing with your husband, your dad, your mom,

Holding onto the wheelchair and dancing with gramps.

You were happy, 

Your mom was ecstatic

Your dad beamed

Your husband smiled.

Happy memories.

February 17th,

  the date is etched into your brain,

It's been ten years since you last

  went gift shopping,

  thoughtfully wrote in a card,

  sealed it with a kiss.

These days, 

  you notice the date

  on your laptop or phone,

Maybe briefly reminisce,

Maybe smile, 

Maybe sigh,

And go back to what you were doing.

These days,

February 17 is just another day.

This year it is a Friday. 

Did you get married on a Friday?
Probably not.

Must have been a Sunday.

You'd think you would remember,

  but maybe you really have

    moved on.

© 2023 Sue Schnitzer