Saturday, February 18, 2023

I really miss...

 The writing prompt was "I really miss ___, I miss ___." This prompt could not be more timely for me.

I really miss being able to walk into the room

And seeing you look up when you saw me

Your whole face would smile.

You seemed so happy that I was there.

Now I don't know what will happen when I open the door

Will you notice me

Will you know who I am.

Will I be able to recover from

The encounter.

I really miss your quiet strength,

The stubbornness that you passed on to me.

Time and age have taken your energy,

but their is still strength and a lot of stubborn.

The progression has gotten faster,


You need help with everything

And I feel helpless as I watch

and listen to you groan and cough.

I didn't think I would ever say this

But I really miss hearing your snores,

From down the hall.

I never got used to the sound

And now I'm glad I didn't.

I miss hearing your loud sneezes that hurt my ears.

The sneezes that elicited a reproachful glance 

from whoever was in the room

and had heard them before.

I miss wondering why you couldn't figure out a way

To make them less explosive

and if they hurt your ears too

I miss hearing the back and forth banter 

between a couple who had been together

of sixty years.

And still disagreed on so much

That you could feel the tension in the room

Rise and then fall

When love truly did conquer all.

Mostly, I miss the person you used to be.

And even though I am sitting here 

By your side,

And know you will be us with

For a while.

I miss you already.

 © 2023 Sue Schnitzer