Monday, February 13, 2023

In Recovery

The idea for this poem (or maybe it could be a song) came from a remark by a songwriter I heard perform the other day. I didn't write it about me, but I suppose I'm in here somewhere. I listened to his stories and songs, and this is what came out of my head. 

Been in recovery for what seems like

most of my life.

Never found the higher being

but somehow found the light

Miracles happen every day


Raced a robin down a path

The robin flew off, I guess she won.

Watched her land and hop up ahead,

Looking for food or allowing me to catch up?

Hummed a song as I walked along

My notes weren't as high

as what the birds and crickets were singing,

But it was my song and I sang it.

Grateful for the time and effort i put in,

Grateful that I got this far,

Grateful for every rising and setting sun,

Grateful and always recovering.

© 2023 Sue Schnitzer