Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Not just another Valentine's Day poem

My Valentines Day (and every day) poem to me.

Do you ever wonder if you truly love yourself?

I mean, I love myself,

I try to take care of myself.


I know my faults.

I know my fails.

I know when I lie and don't like doing it.

I know when I'm depressed, anxious, antsy, 

I know when I'm ecstatic, grateful, so happy that tears come to my eyes.

I know my moods.

I know my mood swings.

I know I sometimes get in a rut.

I know I can be irrational. 

I know I can be unpredictable and that can be difficult to deal with..

I know I am sometimes a pain in the ass.

I know my attention span sometimes seems nonexistent.

I know I sometimes say stupid things, do stupid things.

I know I sometimes hurt people's feelings, by accident.

I help people, hurt people, like people, dislike people.

Yet, through it all,

I love myself,

which is a good thing,

because if I can't love me,

how can I love someone else?

And if I can't love me,

why should you?

© 2023 Sue Schnitzer