Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Taking Flight

  • February Album Writing Month SONG PROMPT 22 • Write a song for two human and/or instrumental voices.

Take off was delayed to let the storm pass 
Tornado watch ended, they could board at last. 
Waiting in the jetway, he turned to the woman behind him, made eye contact, 
"Going home or to visit?" 

She looked him over before she replied 
“Going home for now, 
How about you?” 
He sensed the hesitance and answered 
“Going to visit my sister 
Spend some time with her kids. 
Maybe take them to a ballgame 
Try some new restaurants. 
Be the fun uncle,” 
His mouth smiled. 
She smiled back, 
“Sounds like fun.” 

He got brave and continued to talk 
“Do you have any recommendations on where to eat 
Wondering about Mexican, introducing them to vietnamese.” 
The line shuffled forward, 
He turned back again. 
She told him names of two restaurants, 
One Mexican, the other Vietnamese. 
Thanks he said and turned as the line shuffled forward again 

She said to his back as she stayed close behind 
“Waiting to board is always the worst 
Wonder if there's will be an open bin for my bag.” 
He nodded his head like he agreed. 
They neared the door, he reflexively lowered his head. 
Once onboard he grabbed a seat, gave her a smile. 
Open boarding, if you want to sit here I'll give you the aisle. 

She looked him over and said "are you sure?" 
"No problem", he saie, "It's a short flight. 
He helped with her bag, moved over a seat 
She sat down thought about closing her eyes 
But something told her don't you dare try. 
They talked through the flight about big and little things 
Family, friends, trip on their wish list. 
A few gripes but they quickly moved on 
Both disappointed when the captain announced 
“Twenty minutes and beginning our descent.” 
She looked over and wondered 
Is he thinking what I am 
No ring, could ask for their number. 

“I guess you'll be glad to get home” 
“I guess you'll be glad to see your sister and kids” 
“Best flight conversation ever” 

He took her bag down, 
She wheeled it up the aisle, 
She turned as he walked by on his way to baggage claim 
“Let me give you my number if you feel the same.”