Saturday, March 18, 2023

Let's have a Beer

One of my favorite places to see live music was closed for a few weeks due to a water pipe break. They reopened today with live music all day. I'll try to limit myself to 2-3 hours sipping my tea. In the meantime, I wrote some song lyrics, inspired by the guys at the next table.

Let's have a beer and talk a bit

Let's catch up on who knows what

Have a glass or two of local brew

Talk about anything that you want to.

There's a guy on the corner stage

Playing guitar, singing songs I kind of know

If we weren't talking I might sing along.

But, hey, tell me what's going on with you.

I'm liking this IPA, do you have time for another

Nowhere I need to be for a few hours.

It's nice to see you. Spend the afternoon

Talking sports, work, family, and stuff.

Life's been good lately, kids are growing

Wife and I are keeping busy

Hope to take a vacation soon.

I'll watch the kids later so she can go out, girls night, I think.

I can help you with your marketing

Been working on that a lot these days

Talk me through what you're thinking

And i can help you with how to get there.

One picture with the right person wearing that jacket

Is all you really need

Just that one picture and it will take off.

The right person, the right photographer, I guarantee it.

It's been fun, but I need to head out soon

Got to drive and be sober when I get home

You know how that goes, it's been real

Let's do this again, soon.