Sunday, April 30, 2023

Linus's Song (The House In the Cerulean Sea)

Written for a local writing contest where entries have to be based on the book, "The House In the Cerulean Sea" by TJ Kline. It's a beautifully written book with a couple of themes, one of which you aren't aware of right away. I think it's also a late in life coming of age story, about Linus. 

Didn't know what I was looking for,

  didn't know what I was missing,

  didn't know how deeply I could feel

    about someone who felt that way too.

Didn't know until I found


Learning new things when 

  you're set in your ways

  can be difficult.

But learning how to love and live with 


  came easy once I shut the door to doubt.

I was content with my life,

I had my patterns and routines,

I thought that meant I was okay.

I didn't know what content and happy 

  really meant

  until I 

  began to know you.

I can feel my heart beat 

  faster when I see

  you walking

  toward me.

I can feel the pulse 

  in my neck


  whenever you are near.

I didn't know,

  no, I didn't know,

  I could learn to love.

I didn't know,

  no, I didn't know,

  the strength your love could give me.

I didn't know,

  no, I didn't know,

  and now I do.

I know I'm thankful 

  every minute 

  I'm with