Thursday, May 18, 2023

Another One Gone

I've seen a constant string of death notices from friends about close family members and friends dying. Not sure why. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's who I know. Maybe because of social media I'm seeing more death notices and this isn't anything new. Whatever the reason, it got me writing.

Friends sharing stories, pictures, videos,

  tears, smiles, crying, laughter.

Another good one gone.

Why her? Why him?

They try to reason

  reassure each other

  support each other.

Someone asks about the spouse, partner, children

Are they doing okay?

  (of course not)

Is there anything we can do for them?

What can we do to help us accept

  that another one is gone

  too early?

Rest in peace dear friend.

We will carry on

  as you would want us to,

And we will bring a piece of you with us

  on our journey.