Sunday, July 2, 2023

Gentle Giant

 Listening to jazz guitar, sipping coffee, enjoying the music and people watching.

Dad is sitting at the table

  faded orange ballcap

  a red beaded necklace around his thick neck

  a pair of kids sunglasses hooked onto the front of

  his army green t-shirt.

He's a big guy,

  towers over everyone when he stands

  to get his daughter a straw for her milk.

She's wearing a navy dress with a white bow

  and a red white and blue crown on her head,

  a rainbow face painted on her cheek.

He gets up again to get glasses of water for the kids and grandpa.

Big brother has a spider on his cheek

  and a red beaded necklace on his neck,

  He also has Dad's nose and eyes.

Mom and Grandma are at the counter ordering.

Dad goes to check on them,

He nods,

  returns to the table with more glasses of water.

A gentle giant

An ordinary life.