Sunday, October 15, 2023

These Times

I'm not sure where this one will go once I start editing, but here is the raw unedited version.

Fear and resignation

It gets worse each time

More extreme

More dangerous

More, more, more

When will it blow us up

Oblivion and rebuttal

Retreated into cocoons

Too many, 

Too late,

Too fearful or tired

To speak up.

They cry every day

About the safety of loved ones

who are forced to choose

Love of country

Love of family

Love of life.

Love or hate.

Everyone sees the same sun

Sees the same moon,

See stars and constellations at night.

Some see smoke and ash

Hear sirens and bombs

Hide in safe rooms

Flee in fear hoping to return


Fear and resignation

Disappointment and hope

Prayers and guns.

Pray for peace

Pray the war will be short

Pray their side will be victorious.

Can both sides win?