Monday, January 8, 2024

Letter Poem - War, Peace, Truce

Write a letter poem. Pick who you're writing to (an imaginary person, a real person).

Dear Reader,

I have probably never met you, Or maybe I have. I have no idea who will read this, so I assume you are not someone I know.

I hear so many conflicting things. Some of them get me so mad I talk, scream, gesture at my computer or Echo speaker or car radio. 

I seem to get wound up faster than I used to? Does that happen to you too?

I tell myself to calm down, I tell myself to turn it off, I tell myself to do anything except pay attention to the news,

But I am drawn back,

Like a moth to a flame?

I get worked up, I walk away again, I go back,

And on and on.

The barrage of news and opinions doesn't stop, my anger and confusion go away and come back, 

Ad infinitum?

I wonder how will all of these wars and conflicts and lifetime grudges end?

Will the world explode before I do?

Do you have similar thoughts?
Are you tormented by what you hear and wish there was an easy solution. Hell, do you wish there was a hard solution? Do you believe there is a solution?

Or, like me, do you feel like, this has gone or for so long, it will never end.

There will be no winner.

We will all lose.

We're all already losing.

Do you know what I am writing about? Which war, conflict, difference of opinion, I might be referring to? Present? Past?

Does it matter?

Do you call a war a conflict?

Do you care what it's called when there are bombs and guns and orders and passion turning cities, towns, fields, into battlefields? Ripping apart families. Making enemies of friends.

Do you think these places will ever be able to live in peace?
Do you think we live in peace here in the US?

Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a country constantly at war?

Are you already living there?
Do you feel like you live in a different form of war?
Words, beliefs, religion, politics.

Do you think, it's time,

it's past time,

We need a truce.

Before it's too late.

Do you wonder if it already is too late, we're past the point of no return.

I hope, I dream, I wish

that every day was armistice day.

What do you hope, dream, wish for?