Thursday, January 18, 2024

Only the Things I Didn't Do

Written during a Craft of Poetry sampler class (Women Writing for (a) Change). There were several prompts. The one I chose was "Only the things I didn't do crackle after..."

Only the things I didn't do 
     crackle     after the smoke clears
     The decision is made.
It's time to go.
I accomplished a lot
     and yet
     there is still so much left unstarted
or unfinished.

Am I burning bridges?
     Am I abandoning things I started
     and thought were failing?
Yes     No.
Everything I did here
     to me
Maybe to others.
I did things 
     I wasn't sure I could do
     I did things I never imagined I would do.
I had setbacks     and leaps forward.
Now it's a new year,
     time to move on,
     leave last year 
As amazing as it was,
     I can't continue 
     to bask in its 
fading glow.

It's time to move on
      even though the things I didn't do
      call to me
ask if I will come back.
      I answer,
      I won't return.
I rarely go back.
Things specific to this place 
       will remain 
 Things I can do elsewhere
      I will take 
      with me.
 Maybe I will work on them
 Maybe I will decide 
      they don't interest me anymore
      and start new things instead
Either way,
The things I didn't do
      will remain in my subconscious
      poking out at random times
 reminders of earlier hopes.

There's space in the new year
     for me to celebrate the past
     think about the future
live in the present.
Continuums of time
     will be with me, in me.
     and at year's end
I will again take stock
     decide what to leave behind
     and what will remain.
Start anew.