Monday, July 24, 2017

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

My attempt at writing about tomatoes without copying Guy Clark. Yes, folks, John Denver sang “Homegrown Tomatoes” and made it almost mainstream, but the songwriting master, Guy Clark, wrote it.

It’s cucumber and tomato season.
I don’t have a garden
But when it’s late July in Memphis, Mississippi, Alabama
And the heat and humidity are mid-90’s,
Cooling to mid-80’s at night,
The only thing I really want to eat for dinner
are fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.
Home grown tomatoes are best,
But any ripe ones will do.
Slice ‘em real thin.
Layer them on any kind of bread
  [I’ll have mine on white
  I can have my whole grains later.]
Sprinkle on some salt and pepper
Add mayo if you must
  Or, in my case, maybe some salsa,
  Which is totally wrong
  If you are a true southerner.
  Which I am not.
  I’m a transplant and I brought my northern and western tastebuds with me,
Never been a mayo girl.

Take a bite
Over the sink or a very large plate
Which can catch the dripping tomato juice
And mayo
  or salsa
and feel your temperature quickly go down.
Peel and slice a cucumber
and snack on it before preparing another

When the heat index soars,
Chill your mouth
With fresh veggies first,
Then you can top it off with the iced tea and ice cream

It’s cucumber and tomato season
in the south
And I am enjoying each bite.

Bring on the heat
I am ready.