Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8th - Time

Two weeks.
Fourteen days.
Too many hours and minutes for me to calculate
Too much time
Too little time
Too little too late
Who can say?
Who can know?
There’s no clock ticking
Just backlit numbers on a screen
On a wrist
On my phone
On my computer.
There’s a clock on the wall at work
But I can’t hear it,
The second hand makes its sweep
But the room is so big
The sound gets lost,
Just like time
Can’t keep up with it
Can’t hear it move on
Marching by
Or carrying me with it.
Not that it matters. Every second I breathe
Is a different second than the one I just lived.
Whether it’s tick tock around the clock
Or a flipping number
It’s a reminder
That the present is becoming the past
And the future is all too real.
Time isn’t money.,
Time is life.