Saturday, July 29, 2017

Poem about writing a happy song

I keep trying to write a happy song
but my thoughts keep having the wrong
I’m trying so hard to be funny
but my words are gray instead of sunny.
I wish I knew why
'cause I look at the sky
and see blue, there's  just a few
white clouds
floating near the sun.
Big sigh,
Why, oh wy,
can’t I write the words that describe
the smile in my heart

I thought it was me,
then I thought it was you.
Now I realize we never had a clue.
Happiness came,
Happiness went
Like the tide rolling in,
Then out it went.
Not funny,
Not sad.
It happened,
I'm not mad.
'Cause I’m who I am
because of all those yesterday’s.
And that makes me soooooooo
Freedom is a happy place to be.

In honor of my state of mind
I’m trying to write a happy song.
I’ll try again to write a line
that will make someone smile,
maybe laugh.
Try to write a lyric that’s clever,
just quirky enough to be brilliant.

Happiness comes,
Happiness goes.
Like the tide rolling in,
Then out again.
Such a heavy thought, but just science.
Gravity pulls you down,
Happiness picks you up.
Words can jump all over the place
All I want to do is put a smile on your face
When I sing this, my happy song.
Maybe even do my happy dance.

Trying so hard to write a happy song,
funny, bounce, dance, jump.
Drop the literal, drop the angst,
Pick up the tempo,
C’mon take a chance.

The jokes on me, maybe it’s on you,
It’s the frown upside down
That can give you a clue.
Trying too hard, maybe just let it roll,
Drop a line and sing.
Pretend you’re so old
That it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.
Just keep that smile,
Laugh a little,
And liven up this space.

Why did the songwriter write a happy song?
To prove she could do it.
In other words,
Exactly why the chicken crossed the road,
To get to the other side.

Oh happy day.