Sunday, July 30, 2017

One More Poem that was supposed to be a song 7.30.17

Song Prompts that I came up with and then ignored. Another night, maybe.

A geometry sneaks underneath the disturbance!

The newsletter punctures a romance.

A teenage cliff colors.

Life gets in the way. Is that your life or other people’s?

One More Poem that was Supposed to Be a Song 7.30.17

Instead of writing a song I jammed on my keyboard for a while.
Does that count?
The challenge is to write a song or poem,
not hang out and have fun
Randomly playing chords, melodies, and whatever my fingers want to do on the keyboard.

Structure, my friend,
That is the goal.
So, structure is what I will do.
In the form of a written song
or poem.

Poems are easier.
There are less rules
and only one element,
Actually, that isn’t true.
Rhythm, maybe rhyme, and yes, some form of structure.
It doesn’t have to be verses and a chorus.
or a bridge
or a recurring line at the end of each verse.
But there needs to be something
that makes it cohesive
And not just a rambling mass of
Structure, rhythm, a thoughtful process,
or else
It’s just words vomited on the page.

So, time to focus on the end goal.
Words on a page
In a meaningful pattern
With a purpose.

Today I met Bob who was sitting on a stool
next to mine, listening to live music.
The band had a Hammond keyboard, which took me back,
I mean, a real Hammond organ sound.
So I filmed the solo and kept it running through the end of the song,
after which the band took a break
and Bob said something like,
“That was the song to get.”
I agreed and we started to chat.
At some point he said, “I’m Bob”
and reached out his hand.
“I’m Sue,” I said back and we shook on it.

It was fun just chatting with Bob,
a random stranger when I sat down,
and an acquaintance I may see again,
when I left.

I left Bob on his stool
after the first song following the break.
We shook goodbye.
Will I see him again?
Well, I know where he will be on Thursday night,
he told me about a show he's going to.
Maybe I’ll go out for music after work.
I love music
and so does Bob.
That’s all I need for now.
Someone I know on the stool next to mine,
appreciating good music.
No strings.
No expectations.
No games.
No drama.
Just a music buddy
in a music town.
Now that is a line for a song.