Friday, July 14, 2017

The Visitor, with a rambling preface

I am so stuck.
Not a thought in my head about what I should
write about.
How can that be?

Time to get a writing prompt.
Open an internet browser

For today’s prompt, write a visitor poem. The poem can be from the point of view of a visitor–or the people receiving the visitor. The visitor could be expected or unexpected. The visitor could be welcome or unwelcome. The visitor doesn’t even have to be human.

This is a weird prompt.
At least, it is to me.
I’m sure the guy who wrote it and gave an example
didn’t think it was weird.
I guess, I’m calling it weird because

What do I want to be,
the visitor
or the person receiving the visitor?
This poem is about perspective.
Narrative based on who you are
where you are
and who you are with.

I muight need to go with fiction
If I am a visitor
That is
If to be the visitor
I need to know
Who I am.
Isn’t that the big question,
“Who am I?”

At this moment in time,
I am a visitor,
A traveler on the writing road
Not sure which way to go
where I want to go,
Where I should go
So here I am,
On the path of least resistance,
A visitor on my own page
Talking to people I may never meet in person
Or hear from
Or even know that they read my words.
The people I am visiting are
I am not.
My brain is split open
Oozng, dripping onto the page
For everyone to study
And dissect
And analyze.
The anonymity of my readers
Energizes me,
The idea that I have no idea who my words are visiting
Makes it easier for me to write
Bizarely free
Even though I know I may be judged
I am a visitor,
Fully exposed,
Yet I feel safe because I know
that my thoughts are 100% mine
And maybe, just maybe
Someone they visit
Will relate to them.

I am a visitor in the land of life.