Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Language Class from an Alien

Today's prompt was "A Language class from aliens." This one hit home. I received this email today, "It was nice to talk with you, where is that intellectual lady I was interesting in. Seems you have to much on your plate for a relationship at this time. Sorry will have to take a rain check for coffee."  Sometimes I am amazed at the coincidences in my life. And the poor proofreading by people writing emails.

A Language Class from an Alien

Online dating in the south can be interesting,
land mines can be based on politics, religion, and language.
If you are female,
over 60 and not retired,
consider yourself a woman, but not necessarily a lady,
need to have some alone time now and then,
are okay with your partner having the same.
Don’t need someone to treasure every minute of your life,
And don’t intend to nurture anyone more than you nurture yourself,
Then you are an alien species
Speaking a foreign language.
You may be speaking English
and using the same words as the men you talk to,
But if they don’t understand you,
they won’t understand what you are saying.
Because they will be too busy trying to translate it
even though you are speaking English just like they do.

Maybe you need to hold a language class
  on how to speak that most alien of languages,
  mature, assertive, single female.
Or maybe you would like to explain that the words you are using
  actually mean exactly what the dictionary says they do,
Maybe you have the time and patience to teach this language of aliens
  to these all knowing American males,
  who think you are speaking in code,
  and are an alien species.

Or maybe you should tell them to enroll in an ESL class
  because that might be easier for them,
And then they don’t have to admit that they don’t understand you,
  or English,
  or how to be a self reliant grown up,
  or how to listen.

The number one lesson from a language class from an alien:
The language of aliens isn’t always spoken in another tongue.