Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Flight Delay

Another thunderstorm.
Another few hours in an airport.
And the debate begins,
Get food,
Wait until I land,
Walk around
Sit still and patiently wait.
All of the above.

A plan.
check in at gate,
eat, maybe.
Repeat until boarding begins.

Two hour delay.
No plane at the gate,
routed to Indy due to weather.
Moved us to another gate that actually has a plane
waiting to take us.
Zero visibility
so that’s okay
that we haven’t boarded yet.
I’d rather wait
in the airport.
There is no way I want to take off
in this weather.
I wonder if our bags are on the tarmac.
Better not to think of that.
Instead I watch CNN
After five minutes of that
I need a break.
Back to the plan.