Thursday, August 17, 2017

The packers are here

The packers are here,
With their
Rolls of paper,
And forms.
Two women packing up
Cups, dishes, silverware.
Clothing, linens,
Hats, coats
Boots, shows,
Tvs, a computer.
Drawers and boxes full of
Old greeting cards and letters,
Baby clothes,
Lockets of hair.
Scraps of paper,

The packers are here
Boxing up memories
Boxing up stories
Boxing up feelings,
Wrapping them carefully
The way packers do.
Crinkling sounds signal another item being saved
The sound of tape
As another box is filled.
So many things
After so many year.

Tomorrow the movers come
To load the boxes and furniture onto a truck
To deliver them to
A new home.
Where the old will be unpacked
And a new life will start.
Ending and beginning.
Moving is it’s own circle of life.