Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Life is uncertain

Life is uncertain.
Age is certain.
The earth keeps spinning
and revolving.
And so it goes,
Time moves on.
We grow older,
and our lives go in directions
we might not have planned.
Every day we change a little,
What is going on in our lives changes a little.
So subtle
we might not notice.

Life gets in the way
is the phrase we sometimes hear
when the best laid plans
get altered
by circumstances beyond our control.
So why is it
that so many people
can’t make a decision
or commitment
because life is uncertain.
That’s the whole point of life.
We change.
We age.
We move forward as the earth spins on an axis
and revolves around the sun.
We’re passengers,
not the center of the orbit.
If our trajectory changes,
life goes on.
That’s the fun of being human
and alive.