Friday, August 11, 2017

Snakes don't have legs

Today’s prompt: Write a myth explaining why snakes don't have legs.
I didn’t write a myth, but I did some research and used the prompt as a starting point.
And, I didn’t write in first person. Finally.

How the snake lost its legs
Myth versus genetic tweaks.
Generally accepted assumption:
Around 150 million years ago, snakes walked
On legs.
They didn’t slither.
At some point,
The leg gene stopped working
And snakes became legless.
Even though some snakes
Have small bumps on their pelvis,
Bumps that are related to legs.
That is science.
Hypothesizing about how and when legs disappeared.
Myth is more colorful.
In one story the snake is lazy,
When the moon predicts a drought and urges animals to leave,
Snake wasn’t worried so he stayed.
When the land became hot his legs sunk into the sand,
Snake called out to moon to save him.
Moon took away snake’s legs so snake could glide across the hot sand.
In another story,
Snake was too lazy to help the animals build a hut
And stayed up in a tree,
He agreed to work only if giraffe pulled him out
When giraffe pulled snake out of the tree,.
He fell into a gravel pit and got stuck.
When elephant pulled him out,
His legs came off.
Morale of both stories,
Do not be lazy,
When you are warned to flee, leave with the other animals.
When you are asked to help for the good of all, help.
And sometimes a little worry is a good thing.
Slither on.