Saturday, August 12, 2017

Songwriting as therapy

I’m not sure why this came out of my brain this morning. But glad that it did. Look, a sarcastic song! Written in first person, so maybe this has been building for a while said the person who heard the phrase, “chick with guitar,” quite a few times. Yes, I am, and I have a ukulele, too! I try to support independent artists but sometimes, I get bored by songwriters who seem a bit too self centered. I understand using songwriting as a form of therapy, but not everything you write should go public. [and I am sure some people are thinking, not everything I put on this blog should go public - fair enough] The public can only handle so much and some songs were meant to be heard by only a few. And those few are most likely not in your audience. Sorry, I shouldn’t editorialize in the introduction.

Think cowboy chords (1, 4, 5), I'm at a coffee shop so I can't figure out the music or record it right now.

Goodbye to the self serving folk singer
whose songs are way too long
I don’t care about your love life
and can’t handle your monotone.

Goodbye to the angst ridden poet
hiding behind his songs
Singing instead of talking it out
Wallowing a little too long

I get that venting is healthy
and self realization is a good thing
If songs are your form of therapy
Then by all means write and sing.

But I don’t need to listen
as you detail everything that went wrong
I’m paying to hear you sing
and I’ve got problems of my own.

Goodbye to the self serving folk singer
who writes and sings to purge
Writing songs is cheap therapy
All it costs is your words and some chords.