Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Women, a work in progress

I'm not sure if this will remain a poem or become a song. Or maybe I will take the idea of the poem and use it to create a song that looks nothing like this poem.
What I really would like to do is make this a community poem. I'd like to see what other people can add to it. It's a poem about progress and it's a work in progress. What better way to honor these women than to use their names as a catalyst to honor other women who shared a similar fate.

Sybil Ludington, Ada Lovelace,
Lois Jenson, Amelia Bloomer,
Mary Frith,Cecilia Payne,
Edith Cavell, and  Hypatia,
If you haven’t heard of them
It’s about time you did,

So many more, too many to name here
Mathematicians, philosophers, writers, publishers, scientists, heroes,
Pagan, witch, spy,
Passed over, publicly humiliated, executed
Women who made history
And were left out of history books
Look them, look them up.

I’m not competitive, she said,
But if you can climb that hill,
So can I.