Sunday, April 15, 2018

Since I’ve been gone

Inspired by “I Dreamed Again” by Anne Michaels, and influenced at the end by “The Little Red Hen.” It needs editing, as do most things I write in under 15 minutes.

Since I’ve been gone,
I have begun to sing again,
I read more books,
I watch less tv,
I walk more,
I hike more,
I sleep more,
I smile more.

Since I’ve been gone
From you,
I have been solitary,
I have sung loudly and danced around
In public,
I have found a coffee shop
where I have been writing
Writing in a journal
Writing poetry
I have been creative.

Since you moved and I didn’t go with you,
I have lived more simply,
I have missed the warmth of a body next to mine
I have missed daily conversation
I have missed physical contact.
I have not missed the cold I felt
In the twilight of our time together,
I have not missed when the darkness fell
And our life together splintered
And the divide depeened.

Since I’ve been gone,
I have grown,
I have lived.
I have learned again to love
And to trust
I have learned how to move on
Pick up the pieces of my heart
And soul
And build a new mosaic.

Since I’ve been gone,
I have found a new way to live
And I am no longer gone,
I am traveling
Yet I feel like I have arrived.