Saturday, April 14, 2018

Who needs WiFi?

In the basement of an old building. Internet connection comes and goes. For now, it’s here so I can post this.

Oh no!
I can’t get onto the internet.
My life as I know it
Is being put on hold.
No way to communicate
With cyber friends and family.
Feel helpless without
A way to access email
And Facebook
And surf the net.
Time to go for a walk
Or read a book
Or maybe even have a conversation
With a real live person
In person,
Using my mouth to speak
And my ears to listen
Rather than my fingers typing
And my eyes reading.
Is that body language I see?
And vocal inflections that I hear?
So much attitude.
So human.
Please touch me
Just to prove this is real.
Feeling hopeful rather than helpless,
Maybe I should do this more often.