Friday, April 20, 2018

That Moment when you realize

I used to think twice, maybe three times before posting anything I thought might upset the person (or family of said person) that inspired a poem. But now I am realizing that I have the right to post whatever I write and whatever I feel comfortable posting. So, if I am good with it, that is all that matters. Selfish? Maybe. Maybe not. First of all, almost no one reads my blog so almost no one will see it. Second of all, the person it may or may not have been inspired by probably is not going to read it. The family of any such person is probably not going to read it. And if someone reads it and thinks it is related to him/her and is offended or taken aback then maybe they need to reflect on their words and actions and not blame the messenger. I don’t name names. I don’t name places. I don’t give details of circumstances. I write based on personal experience as well as experiences others have related to me, fiction books where a thought or phrase grabs me, non fiction, news stories, overheard conversations, observations. Nothing I write is 100% about anyone, except maybe me. So, if someone feels maligned, maybe the truth hurts.

That moment when you realize
this person is an asshole
and is never going to change.
No matter how much
you wish it were so,
it isn’t.
That moment when
you finally walk away
for good,
And it feels like a huge weight
has been lifted off your heart.
And your mind and spirit
feel like
they are young and hopeful
and open to love
for real.
Because what you had wasn’t
It was one-sided
and you need it all.
You deserve to have
the real thing.