Thursday, April 19, 2018

Two for One

Morning Poem

Remember when you were a kid
And you watched your father shaving
And wished you could too,
but you were a girl?
Thanks to age and hormones,
Your time may have come.

Evening Poem

How about something deeper?
What is wrong with writing a poem
that doesn’t explore the meaning of life,
the lessons of love,
the angst that comes and goes?
What is wrong with writing a poem
that doesn’t intentionally say anything deep?
A poem that is light,
contains some humor,
Maybe a little irony.
And the simplicity of the words and subject
Stand on their own,
Evoke an image,
Create a feeling,
Maybe encourage a chuckle.
Not written to be deep
But powerful, nonetheless.
There is nothing wrong with
having fun
with words.
Creative writing doesn’t equal soul searching.
Besides, deep is relative.