Sunday, December 20, 2020

What does Christmas mean to me

 This got a little long. I wrote a few things and tried to edit them together.

You ask what Christmas means to me, 

Even though I might be Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Hope and joy and feeling left out.

The pinnacle in a season of holidays,

Overshadowing my holiday of Hanukkah.

What does Hanukkah mean to me?

Hope and joy and light.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Schools closed, light displays.

People talking about peace on earth.

Family and happy moments,

Feasting and being together,

Missing those no longer with us,

Missing those who can’t travel.

Saying goodby to the old year,

And bringing in the new.

December, the month for

Hope and joy and being together with loved ones.

Wishing and hoping that good can triumph over evil,

That light can triumph over darkness,

That we can live peacefully for more than one day or eight days.

That our hope can live for longer than one day or eight days.

December means winter solstice,

Light returning,

Life returning from the darkness,

And hope growing in the light.

The Christmas season means

wishing for a peaceful holiday season for everyone,

Knowing that is impossible,

Yet wishing for it anyway.

Hoping that someday we will all live a life

of love, gratitude, togetherness, and peace.