Wednesday, January 6, 2021

America the not so beautiful

 No, no no.

There is no universe in which storming America's capitol building is okay.

There is no universe in which an America's president telling criminals , “We love you,” is okay.

We watched treason unfolding live on the news. 

We saw photos of proud thugs sitting in offices,

smugly smiling as they defiled democracy,

As they mocked law and order.

Armed white men and women marched in the streets,

Assembled outside the Capital building,

And no one tried to stop them.

Until it was too late.

Law enforcement stood down

Until it was too late.

The world watched too.

We saw armed men and women waving Trump flags,

Pledging allegiance to a man,

Instead of our country.

Puppets not patriots,

Treasonous thugs, not defenders of democracy.

We watched these people shame America.

And some of us wonder,

What will they do next?

Will our country recover?

What have we as people become?

What has America become?

Will those responsible be held accountable,

Or left to do it again?

And again.

Until they get their way,

And America becomes theirs,

A fascist regime,

Celebrating the leaders and their loyal followers,

Damning everyone else to submission and obliteration.

America the beautiful?

Not today.

Not yesterday.

Not for many years.

Possibly not ever again.