Friday, October 8, 2021

Rain and Solitude

 Rain and solitude

Drive through town and turn down the dirt road

Watch out for ruts after rain

The driveway is gravel

And the cabin door is unlocked.

There’s a key but most people don’t use it.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

After a rainy day in the car

The cabin is a welcome sight

But cold.

The rain let’s up

And starts again after dinner

No chance of seeing stars tonight.

The heater warms part of the room

Pillows block the cold air that seems to stream through the closed window.

Mini refrigerator, microwave, bathroom

Enough modern conveniences

To not be roughing it.

Trail maps on the table

Stains on the carpet

A brown towel with a note,

“Towel for wet muddy shoes!”

Time to plan tomorrow’s adventure,

And move on from the adventure of getting here.

There are always new adventures 

Replacing the old ones.